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Invalid Gamemode and other questions

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Invalid Gamemode and other questions

Postby bsl » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:20 pm


1. i have a problem with the gamemode what is schown on the ace of spades site (play). On the site the gamemode is ctf, but in the game, it is arena. in the config is ctf too, but i want to change it to arena, that it will be shown on the site. on few servers, for example the aloha last standig there stand gamemode: arena. i have my script from: ... r/ how does i change this. on the server it works well.

2. On the server i see, when a team win, the fog is in disco mode. how can i make this? and i want, when one team captured an intel or make a point the fog will be for 5 seconds in the colour of the team.

3. on some servers exist a sitelogin command. how can i make this?

4. and i want to make a build only server. how can i make this?

5. the kraken works now, but it have some problems. when you geht stuck in one tentacel, it kill you not immediately. and you have laggs. can somebody check this script and correct it? eventually (<----exist this word in english ? ;) )

6. and how can you make more admins with passwords, or gods or trusted gamers with passwords?

7. how can i make the melee mode permanent? because i can just toggle it with /melee, but i want to make the gamemode in the config is "melee" and on the server list too. and the melee mode is permanent on. how can i make this? ... r/


PS: sorry for my bad english
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Re: Invalid Gamemode and other questions

Postby XFrostByteX » Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:36 am

I can answer 3 and 6

Make different passwords to those different positions. Let's say you want to make someone admin, make a password (something not to easy to guess), then give it to them. Then they type /login <pass here>


EDIT: Realized I was bumping, sorry mates :/
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