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New Clan [TA] The Avengers

Postby transformer » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:53 am

Ok [TA] stands for The Avengers

Signatures : None Of Yet

how to apply
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Age :
Previous Clans :
Why You Want To Join (20 WORDS+) :
About Your Self :
What Type Of Player Are You

Ranks : There will be 3 Thor's,2 Iron Man's,3 Nick Fury's,3 Hulk's,3 Captain America's,2 Hawkeye's and 1 Black Widow

1.Thor : [TA]Alex[JLI]

2.Iron Man :

4.Hulk :

3.Nick Fury :

5.Captain America :

7.Black Widow :

6.Hawkeye :

Ally Clans :

Enemy Clans :
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