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Postby Roxis45 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:49 am

Hello, I'm Roxis45 and im recruiting Carnags Clan members. We used to have 20 peopls now 3 becuase they started there own. So this is a new improved version. To join you must be 14 or older( younger if you can follow directions). We play AoS everyday but lost are server. What we are looking for is a server hoster as well as members. We work as squads and each squad has classes. The 4 classes are below.

Shell: Supports assault squad. Uses al weapons. Stays low hidden and well defended. Makes trenches and tunnels to help assault advance.
Alpha: Go for the enemy intel and scores. Biggest part of clan. Uses any weapon.
Dazes: Defend intel. Make trenches and stay in them set traps and what not.
Captians: Captain leads this squad. Basicaly your all if the of the above combined. Most trust...ed abd highest members i. This squad.

Those are how the squads are, every squad has a leader by the choice of captain. Captains squad will give squad commands on what they are missing routes or enemys. Squads run off of classes. The classes are your choice but i recomend using the class your best at.

Scout: Uses rifle mostly, Basicaly assassins. Recommend using sniper skin, stays in mountains, trenches, hills, sniper towers, etc...
Assault: Uses SMG or Rifle mostly. Stays as a foot soilder.
Defender: Defends your squad from enemy. Uses any gun.
Support: Supports squad, makes tunnels and paths. Any weapon.

Each squad can have any if those you can have your whole squad filled with assault if you wanted to. We plan to have a server for training, clan wars, goofing off, meetings, and partys. Partys are gonna be just fun game types and maps and such. Members are below.


Fourm to fill out (copy and paste).

Previous Clans:
Favorite Weapon:
Class you want to be:
Squad you wabt to be:
Why you want to be in Carnage Clan:
About yourself:

If accepted go into Local drive into your Ace of Spades folder in configuration then add [C.C] infront.of name.
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