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AoS On Mac - Major Mouse Lag

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AoS On Mac - Major Mouse Lag

Postby SemiMax » Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:06 pm

I need help, I really want to be able to play AoS on my mac but when I look side to side or up and down, the mouse is almost like delayed. It's not really lag but more like choppiness. It's hard to kill people because it sometimes skips and I go right passed the player I'm aiming at. I will record gameplay to give you a better view of what it's like. I know it's not my mouse because I've tried with the track pad, a wireless mouse, and a wired mouse and all are the same. I tried changing resolutions and that doesn't work. I've tried changing mouse sensitivity too and it's still the same. I also know it's not my internet because when I play on my windows desktop, it is completely smooth and that also shows that it's only like that for mac. My friend has a mac too and it's the same way. please help
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