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Slab6 Trouble and other mapping questions

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Slab6 Trouble and other mapping questions

Postby Kiwininja » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:03 am

I am very new to the Ace of Spades Community (1-2 days) but I quickly became interested in mapping and downloaded the basics (Slab6, bit map/height map programs, ect.) and started working on this great theme I had come up with. I spent a lot of time working on several models in it and was exited how they turned out. I have had several problems and questions about mapmaking and the programs and I have not found the answers elsewhere so I decided to post them here.

My first question has to do with my Slab6 models. One of these models is a huge replica of a pirate ship to be the spawn for one of the sides. Right as I finished the frame the game seemed to freeze up and blocks kept dissapearing or wouldn't place. I'm not sure if this is because of my laptops Hardrive or Memory(plenty was left) or something to do with the program itself. Whenever I opened up one of my other models instead ( for example a tree or bunker) the program would work normally again. If you know why this happened please tell me and I hope to fix it so my 2 hours working on it are not lost.

My second question has to do with the making of the actual map. I know there are several ways to create maps with multiple programs but I decided to use Slab6 and the Bitmap for my first one. The only problem I am having so far is figuring out how to correctly use the Bitmap and the Heightmap together to create something in Voxel. Is it possiable to try to make your own landmass in Voxel instead of generating a bitmap and heightmap? I would use them if I correctly knew how but so far they have been a pain.

My next questions are about transfering models from Slab6 to Voxel. I do know how to transfer them and I have read through multiple manuals and guides but I have several questions that I have not seen answered.
1. If you place it in a certain area will it remove blocks when placed or will it only fit in area the perfect shape for it?
2. Will shading affect the models in Voxel similarly to Slab6 (because all mine seem to become a lot darker)?

I also have a couple questions about how Voxel works by itself.
1. How will leaving walls around your map (the ones that start there automatically) affect the game?
2. How do you instantly color all of the water a certain color (I have seen it done before in on button press but I can't find the key binding)?

Thank you for any answers to your questions and please forgive me if I somehow missed something obvious, as I previously stated I only started about a day ago and I'm still improving. I hope to try to have my map completley finished and up in a week. If you guys help me I may give away a couple more spoilers or some pics ;D.
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Re: Slab6 Trouble and other mapping questions

Postby jojoestinky » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:45 pm

You need to port everything to Voxed, the files slab6 makes are invalid. Same with Qubicle, and blockman, you need to port kvx to voxed, then save your map.
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