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Postby USABxGUNSLINGER » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:39 pm

About This: This is a thread dedicated to helping both novice modders and those just starting out. I'll try to give credit to everyone, in the end, but if I forget you, PM me, and I'll try to add you in.
Making Your First Mod: So, you want to start modding in AoS, eh? You've come to the right guide, as this will guide you through your first attempts at modding. If you ever need help with anything, be sure to come back to this guide, as it contains pretty much all the help you'll need. Now, on to the guide.

What You'll Need:

Slab6: Slab6 is the tool you'll use for making models, and will be what you spend most of your time on. Play around with this for a bit, till you get used to it. Down below is the controls, and other information

    L: Quick load model
    R: Toggle normal shading
    T: Toggle face shading (for cube modes)

    Arrows/WASD: Move forward/back/sideways
    RCTRL/KP0: Move up/down
    Left Mouse Button: Mouse changes camera angle
    , And . : Rotate object left/righ around pivot axis
    PGUP/PGDN: Rotate object up.down around pivot axis
    ENTER: Toggle Slice Editor
    KP* and KP: Double/Halve size of 2D slice window under
    PGUP/PGDN: Change slice number (when in slice window)
Shape Editing:
    Ins/Del: Add/Remove cube at cursor
    Home/End: Add/Remove many cubes at cursor; faster than
    Ins/Del: Change brush radius. Affects Home/End
    Shift+Space Change Home/End speed
    Color Editing:
    Tab/RMB: Grab color under cursor
    KP+/KP-: Increase/Decrease color by 1 (for fine shade adjustment)


    KP is an abbreviation for Keypad 1+4, 5+2, 6+3.
    LMB/RMB are abbreviation for left/right mouse button (respectively)

Gimp: In-depth help for Gimp is already available on, and the links to different guides are listed below. You'll need to become familiar with this, too, make sure to learn about the basic features.

User's Manual:

How To Make Your Gun Model: This is the first, and probably the most fun, part of modding. Open up the default semi.kv6, as that's the best starting point. Mess around with it a little, 'till you get it to look like whatever you want it to (could be your favorite gun, a gun that you think would be cool in AoS, etc.). After your modeling is done, start coloring it with how you want it to look (add a camo, make it varying shades of black, anything you want). Once you get done with that, save it as what weapon you want it to replace (semi.kv6, smg.kv6, or shotgun.kv6), and test it out in-game. Does it look good? Do you like it? Would you use it as a weapon? If the answer is yes, then you're ready.

How To Make A Sight: Once done with the gun model, the next step in making a mod is making sights. Open your gun back up in slab6, and find a reference picture on the internet. Double your models dimensions, and start detailing the iron-sights you want. Don't do fine detailing at the moment, as you want the exact sight to be done in Gimp, but make sure it looks like a proper iron-sight (except for the actual iron-sight, as said before). Once your done, take a picture (Print Screen) of it centered, and open Paint (The Pre-Installed Windows tool). Paste it in there, and use it to edit out the picture, so you only get the gun (drag down the sides, and rotate as necessary). When you're done, re-size it to 800x600, and save it. Close Paint, and open Gimp. Open up your picture in Gimp, and make sure you're somewhat knowledgeable about Gimp. Open up your Tool Options, and select the pencil tool. Change your image to the square pixel, and change the size to 1. Make a dot at the following coordinates: 400x300, 401x300, 400x301, 401x301. This is the exact center of the screen. Start fashioning out the actual iron-sight, and re-take pictures and re-size them in Paint if needed. Once it looks fashionable, add an alpha channel, use fuzzy select, and edit out any part of the screen not a part of the gun/iron-sight. Export this to the AoS folders, inside the png file, as whatever your sight is for (semi, shotgun, smg). Test it out in-game, and ask the same questions as you did with your weapons model. If you're satisfied, then move on to the next step. If not, keep working 'till you like it.

How To Upload Your Mods: Most modders use Mediafire, an easy way to upload and share your mods. First, put your finished mod (if you have a sight, put it in there too) into a .zip folder, make an account on Mediafire, and upload it on the site. Put the link on your mod page, and you're done!

How To Publish Your Mods: So, you've finished your first mod, and are ready to post it? Well, first, figure out if you're going to make more. If so, head on to the Mod Packs sub-section, and set up a page there (reference template available below). If you don't plan on making more, or won't for awhile, make a page on the Individual Mods sub-section, and set up a page there instead (template available as well).

Mod Packs Template:

Code: Select all
[b]About Me:[/b] [i](Put a description of yourself and your goals here, it adds a human feeling to the thread, and makes people like you as a person, not a mod-dispensing robot)[/i]

[b]My Mods:[/b][i] (Put your mods here. Making banners, which you can do by taking pictures of your gun in slab6, and editing them in Paint, and then making it a banner in Gimp, and putting up pictures makes it even better)[/i]

[b]Credits:[/b] (Put anybody who helped/gave you materials here. If you want to include me, I will hug you)

Separate Mods Template:

Mod Description: (Describe your mod here. You want people to download it, right?)

Pictures: (Put pictures here, to help people want to download your mod)

Download Link: (Self-Explanatory)
Other Modding Help:

How To Make Arms: Making arms pleases a lot of people, and for modders who want to add this extra applause of realism, making arms is a must. Although, it's hard for people who don't know how to do them actually do them. Luckily, SIMOX Made a picture guide just for this purpose. Enjoy!

How To Get Original Files Back: If you made the mistake of not backing up your game files, it may seem that you have to download the whole game again! Luckily, TheSifodias has a thread with the original game files on it. Go over there if you need them back due to a little oopsie.
How To Contribute: Did I forget to talk about something? Did I forget to credit you? Do you want to help make this a better guide? PM me, and tell me, and I'll try my best to please you.
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Re: Modding Help Compilation

Postby Bozo » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:12 pm

Wow, that's a very good and detailed tutorial.
But may I suggest a in-depth pivot tutorial?
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Re: Modding Help Compilation

Postby SIMOX » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:30 pm

Nice helpful topic. Stickied.
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Re: Modding Help Compilation

Postby USABxGUNSLINGER » Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:15 pm

If anyone has a guide I could add to the OP, that would be awesome
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Re: Modding Help Compilation

Postby sebbyc2 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:23 pm

Can anyone tell me how to make sights?
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Re: Modding Help Compilation

Postby USABxGUNSLINGER » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:52 pm

sebbyc2 wrote:Can anyone tell me how to make sights?

It say's in the guide?
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Re: |===|<Modding Help Compilation>|===|

Postby hotbuns2256 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:00 pm

when i download a mod and i scope in it shows the regular scope. any tips on how to get the mod's scope to show?
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