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Postby Stiivais » Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:43 pm

I am making a rather "complete" set of software, but i have encountered some issues.
I would like, if someone could make a script for me - propably .py, or maybe even a little command line application...

So, my problem is this -> i get a file which has html information in it, but my software cant interpret the goddamn formatting. So i need a script to get information in the tags (e.g. after "href=", in between "> <") or containing a certain piece of text (like "aos:///") or maybe even combined conditions (like, in between "> <" AND contains "/")
^!!!This script would have to work with many similair values - when it finds one match, it stores it (adds to array) and continues with searching, until there are no other matches, then it continues to format the results...

1)This script would have to Extract information based on certain conditions, from a .html file in the same folder as the script.

2)It would also be able to join multiple strings, so it forms an .ini syntax.
_servername1 = Server1
_sl1 = [
_sl2 = ]
_group = _sl1 + _servername1 + _sl2 = [Server1]

_serverempty = 0
_prefix = "IsEmpty ="
_inivalue = _prefix + _serverempty = "IsEmpty = 0"

_block = _group + _inivalue =
IsEmpty = 0

(btw, i have no idea how variables in python are written, do they have the "_" prefix?)
3)It would have to save the output with .ini extension

Could anyone help me with this thing?
I have already made GUI for my app, figured out how to retrieve the html file, but i need to access the data stored within it, without this, im screwed...
Could anyone write this?
Also: shutting up because i have caused some annoyances lately.
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Postby fartwish » Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:34 pm

Hi there, I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to do, but there are some pretty good free HTML parsers on the Web. Are you trying to convert the HTML into plain ASCII text so another program can interpret it?
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