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Last Bastion [DEMO] Repost (Orig. Exile)

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Last Bastion [DEMO] Repost (Orig. Exile)

Postby GeneralE » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:06 pm

This was originaly made by Exile.I decided to repost this cause this map has a very intresting load of hotspots.
This was the original thread: ... post-54193
A catalog of screenshots: ... N?h=35bd18
Last Bastion is a key note in my(Exile) current work in a (Story based) MAP and MOD pack. Two great tastes made to taste great together.
The map features a little back story, and a minimalist approach to a custom-designed warzone, reducing clutter and increasing the Vanilla Spades atmosphere.


Minimizing Detail! (While keeping logical supports and firing lanes.)


Clearly marked, predefined underground passages!

Stairs that don't suck!

(And then the MOD)

But to really drop you into the Last Bastion mind set, i will also include a modification to the origional AOS weapons and equipments where applicable.
New Guns!

So to wrap this up, I have written to top off the final release with a text file that will include a tiny piece of back story and the inspiration to what leads me down the path to introduce my DOOM2.WAD design skills into a new area, Voxel editing. I will work on this as often as i can allow my self. I'll up date this thread if any thing truly worth posting about comes up while I'm working.

My note: This map is very intresting,fun and addicting to play.I hope that atleast one server would host this map.
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Re: Last Bastion [DEMO] Repost

Postby TheGrandmaster » Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:36 pm

I've added the original author into the title.
I like this map, not seen enough servers use it.
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Re: Last Bastion [DEMO] Repost (Orig. Exile)

Postby SDKEXILE » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:26 am

It brings one hell of a surprised smile to my face to see this map's demo resurface on the repost.

Thanks a lot.

I've been meaning to come back and make a fix for it, but the more i fixed it the more i realized i needed to start over from scratch. The hot spots were a little lopsided and made for a hard play in the end.

I hope i still have every thing i need to fix this map and finish it. i never had the time to really complete it.
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Re: Last Bastion [DEMO] Repost (Orig. Exile)

Postby Steos » Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:30 pm

I like the map a bit but sometimes it doesn't really give you action.
But i would still like to see this map hosted on a couple of big servers so i can play on it a bit more and give a better opinion on it.
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