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[REQ] The Supercompund

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[REQ] The Supercompund

Postby DarkDXZ » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:14 pm

A large interior-based map, full of hallways, crates and barrels to hide behind, helicopters and tanks and cut off the world by tall, thick walls.

The Supercompound features various buildings - full of rooftops, bridges, stairs, windows, floors and general Battlefield 3-style combat.

Concept art:
Sorry for neon default Paint colors - it's just concept art, not the actual layout!
It has a size of 512x512, which is a size of a real AoS map.

Black (thick outlines) - walls (really high, something like 10 blocks)
Gray - Flats (height may vary, but rooftops are accesible)
Blue - towers (not much of an use considering their location)
Green - "residential" buildings
Dark green - proving ground?
Light yellow - hangars (tanks)
Dark yellow - hangars (helicopters)
Navy blue - airstrip?
Red - staircases (wall access)

YES, there are some huge unused areas, but oh well - I didn't have any ideas what to put in there.

When talking about tanks and helis, I was thinking about Simox's M4 and Huey, respectively.

This map is supposed to be either 100% static, OR partially destructible, but leaving the "framework" of the buildings. (so edges are indestructible, but everything else is).

Style - [...]fort-style, presumably.

I would like to make it on my own (via MCEdit and import), but for some reason MCEdit turned douchebag for me recently.
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