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{Tutorial} How to copyright and watermark your maps.

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{Tutorial} How to copyright and watermark your maps.

Postby jojoestinky » Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:05 am


If you want people to respect your wishes, sometimes you have to do things to your artwork like add copyright information.

Here is an easy way to do it. This webpage does everything for you:

On your maps make sure you add your name somehow, and the (CC) licence information so it is visible from the overhead maps.

Also you will want to watermark your map too , so you can prove it is yours if some pirate erases your name in Qubicle or voxed.

Here is an easy way to do it.

In that image you will see 3 color values, one for Red, one for Green one for Blue.

What you need to do is make a code with the colors number, and the letters of the alphabet.

A=1 B=2 C=3, and so on until Z=26.

The word "Hello" would be 8,5,12,12,15

Take a piece of your map with the same general color in the area, like a nice gray cement spot.
Grey is an easy range of colors to pick, because the red, green, and blue values are all the same.

Red 1, Green 1, Blue 1, would be nearly black
red 128, green 128, blue 128 Would be perfectly neutral gray.

What we are going to do is pick a range of gray, that is 26 shades of gray to represent all the letters in the alpha bet.

Since red 128,green 128,blue 128 is a neutral, we can start our range of numbers from here. 128,128,128 would be the letter "A", 129,129,129 would be "B", 130,130,130 would be "C" and so on and so fourth.

And we are going to write your name in Pixel color values basically.

1. Pick the spot on your bitmap for your name in Gimp by hovering your mouse over the desired sppot for your name, and look at the status bar at teh bottom of the window. Take Note of that X, and Y value so you can find it again!

2. encode your name using the above method.

3. double click on the color swatch on the gimp tool panel so it opens up the color picker.

4. Use the pencil tool, and set the brush size to 1 pixel.

5. enter the same value 3 times in the color picker window for each letter, and paint the color that results onto the canvas, as if you are writing it down on a piece of paper.

6. Run the height-map generator.

That is it!

You do not have to use GIMP for this, it is really easy to do from inside Qubicle.

If course you want to be more complex, you can make it spelled backwards,or scramble the alphabet or use a different color range.
The main thing is that you can recover it for their version of the map to prove your ownership.

A nice way to hide the watermark, is to put it under the terrain, so you can only read it in Qubicle.
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