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[REQUEST/IDEA] Valley Assault

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[REQUEST/IDEA] Valley Assault

Postby ProjectSeventy » Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:08 pm

I had an idea for a map which was a straight but natural looking valley. On each side of the valley would be forests, providing sniper cover.In the valley would be both teams spawn areas, on one side would be a fleet of tanks, and on the other side a large base with trenches and artillery guns. I have provided .vox files for two types of tree, a small and a large tank, and an artillery gun. If anyone does make this map, they can claim ownership as long as I am credited for the afore mentioned props and the idea. Thanks in advance for map creation and/or feedback.
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Re: [REQUEST/IDEA] Valley Assault

Postby EssigGurkenFred » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:45 pm

I can´t imagine how this map´ll turn out if sb will create it.
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