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Re: 0.76 Discussion

Postby CaliRollz » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:05 pm

I feel like there should be more weapons in the game
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Re: 0.76 Discussion

Postby DrPain » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:49 pm

You know what we really need? New game mode
A good fucking game mode, one that really requires and exercises fortification and team play
King of the hill maybe?

And also, the intel in CTF should spawn in the same spot every time in a match, that way it's fortifications can be maintained

Oh, and I noticed that a lot of servers are not using wave respawn, which is really too bad, I think it was a pretty nice idea
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Re: 0.76 Discussion

Postby Putin » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:53 pm

You mean Infiltration ... One team defends and gets so points and one team attack and try to capture the flag(intel) to score...
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Re: 0.76 Discussion

Postby Venator » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:15 am

We just need to get at least 30% of the servers to host TOW(Master Gamemode)
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Re: 0.76 Discussion

Postby ChaosTLW » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:40 am

Venator wrote:We just need to get at least 30% of the servers to host TOW(Master Gamemode)


BTW, what happened to that server that used to host an urban map that was deuce vs Soviets, always on TOW? I've never seen it again, nor can I remember the name. I think it might have been an Aloha server.
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