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Tai's War Academy

Postby Tai » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:31 pm


Hello, and welcome to Tai's War Academy. The purpose of this guide is to help you become a better player. This guide is up to date as of January 21st 2012.

This guide was written from a pyspades perspective. Some information may not be applicable to vanilla servers. A master list of servers running pyspades can be found here:

News: Version 1.1 has been postponed until the next update is released. If the update drastically alters game play, I will probably be leaving AoS until the changes are reverted (if they are reverted). At this point, I might leave the thread to be administered by a moderator or a friend. - Tai.

Version History
V1 Summary: Includes Introduction, 6 chapters, Conclusion, and Special Thanks - January 21st, 2012

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Game Mechanics
Chapter 2: How to Behave
Chapter 3: Votekicking
Chapter 4: War
Chapter 5: Engineering
Chapter 6: Other Tips
Conclusion and Special Thanks

Chapter 1: Game Mechanics

The Playing Screen


Minimap - Shows a small portion of the main game map.
Targeting Reticule - Where you are currently aiming.
Health - Your current health level.
Ammo - Your current ammo level.

The Scoreboard
The scoreboard provides you with the scores and names of you and your fellow players, as well as team scores. The Scoreboard also provides you with player's "ID" numbers.

This is what the scoreboard looks like

The Map
Your map provides you with information on the location of your allies, intel, and command post(s). It also provides you with the location of your enemy's intel and command post. To access your map, press the "M" key.

This is what the map looks like.

The map also has several icons. The Player appears as a light blue circle. Friendly Player's will appear as circles of the team colour. Intel (shown below) will look like a firework exploding. Command Posts will appear as the team colour with a red cross. If you are playing a 'Territorial Control' Game (see Chapter 4, War, Purpose), then Command Posts will look like a circular cross.

The Player's Icon (You)

Friendly Player's Icon


Command Post

Territorial Control Command Post

Leaving the Server

If at any time you have to stop playing the game, press the "escape" key in the corner of your keyboard. At this point you will be prompted to press either "Y" to exit the game or "N" to stay on the game.


To move forward – W
To move backward – S
To move left – A
To move right – D

Looking Around
To look around, aim the mouse where you want to look.

To jump, which will allow you to get over 2 blocks or across small gaps, press the space bar.

To crouch down, hold down the “CTRL” key. This will make you only 2 blocks high, allowing you to fit into smaller spaces. It will also make your firearm more accurate while shooting.


While moving, holding down the "shift" key will cause you to enter stealth mode. This quiets the sound of your footsteps, but slows you down slightly, which is useful when you are sneaking around an enemy base.

Changing Tools
To change from one tool to another, you may use the scroll wheel, or the 1234 keys.

To switch to the SPADE, press 1
To switch to BLOCKS, press 2
To switch to FIREARM, press 3
To switch to GRENADES, press 4

To aim your firearm, which will make it more accurate, clicking the right mouse button while it is selected.

While your firearm is selected, clicking the left mouse button will cause your gun to shoot.

To reload your firearm, press the "R" key.

Throwing Grenades
While your grenades are selected, clicking the left mouse button will activate the grenade. Releasing the left mouse button will cause you to throw your grenade. Holding the left mouse button down for longer will shorten the amount of time before the grenade explodes, but don't hold on too long, or the grenade will explode, killing you.

While your shovel is selected, aim at the block you would like to dig, and click the left mouse button. Clicking the right button will destroy 3 blocks at a time, which is useful for digging tunnels (see Chapter 5, Engineering).

While your blocks are selected, aim to where you would like to place a block, and click the left mouse button. Clicking the right mouse button will change the colour of the blocks you place with the colour of the block you were aiming at. You can also use the arrow keys to switch your block colour.

Healing and Resupply
If you become damaged or run out of ammunition, you must locate your team's Command Post (Pictured Below), and walk up to it. This will heal you and resupply you with ammunition. On servers with medkits enabled, typing /medkit will heal you 40 health points (see "server commands" below).


Picking up and capturing Intel
To pick up the enemy intel, simply walk over it. It may take a few seconds to pick up. To capture the intel, scoring points for your team, bring the intel back to your command post. Remember, you can't pick up your team's intel. Pictured below: The Green Intel.


There are two options for chatting in Ace of Spades.

To use SERVER Chat, so that players on both teams can read, press T
To use TEAM Chat, so that only players on your team can read, press Y

Use SERVER chat when making general conversation:
For example “My, what a wonderful map, thanks Izzy”

Use TEAM Chat when making plans or trying to assemble squads:
For example “Sniper in the tower at G5, Second Floor” OR “Join squad 2!”

Server Commands
Servers have several helpful commands that you can use to receive valuable information or perform certain actions. I'm not a techie by any means, so I can't tell you why some work and some don't, but there are a few common commands. When you type the commands, do not type the brackets [ ] :

/airstrike [the location on the map you want to call in an airstrike at, for example, C4]
/votekick [the player you want to votekick]
/cancel - will cancel any votekick that has been initiated by you
/pm [The player you want to message] [your message]
/time - will show the amount of time left until the map changes
/mapname - will show the name of the current map
/server - shows the current name of the server, and the aos:// number for it.
/help - displays a list of available commands
/rules - displays server rules
/ratio [the player who's ratio you want to know. If left blank, this command will show your ratio]
/medkit - will consume a medkit, healing you (not available on all servers)
/streak - will show your current and best kill streaks.

This wonderful page was used a reference:

More on game controls can be found here:

Chapter 2: How to Behave

Behaviour on a server is fundamental. You don't want to log on and be the player that is known to be a jerk, because it ruins the game for you and for everyone else. These tips will help you be well liked, avoid getting votekicked, and help build your reputation as a player who is always fun to play with.

Since most servers operate under a democratic vote-kick system, it's important to maintain good relations with the regulars on the servers. These will be the people to vouch for you when the new COD player votekicks you for camping, the people who will encourage people to vote against player's who grief your buildings, and the players who will dig you out of blocks when the game glitches.

Rule 1: Don't get votekicked
If you want to maintain good relations on a server, you should first understand the array of things that will get you kicked. Now, admittedly, there are no formal rules for Ace of Spades, which is fortunate, because it allows for a wide variety of playing environments, some which are family friendly, and some which are not. There are however several things that people votekick for, and if everyone on the server dislikes you, you'll find yourself kicked out in no time:

Griefing (IE Destroying your teammate's structures)

Flaming, Trolling, and other unpleasant business (IE Harassment of certain players, racist and homophobic slurs, building of inappropriate or racist structures)

Excessive Complaining
(IE “OMFG AIMBOT” or “HAX!!1!1!”)

Going AFK for longer than 5 minutes (Especially on a full server)

Votekick Abuse (Votekicking someone without a reason prevents legitimate complaints from being voted upon. Do not do it.)

Block, gunfire, or grenade spam (This seems trivial but is actually very important; Gunfire gives away your position on the map. Grenades can crater the inside of a team base, making it more difficult to maneuver and easier for a camper to hide in. Block spam has the same effect. On top of all that though, people who spam blocks grenades and gunfire are often a waste of a spot on the team, which can be an issue on busier servers.)

Rule 2: Don't play Anti-Social
Whenever you play the game, it's essential that you at least try to make some sort of contact with people. This will allow them to get to know that you're there, instead of just being any one of the various unknowns that filter in and out of the server everyday. When you're well liked, you have friends on the server who are more likely to co-ordinate with you, which becomes especially useful on servers with squads turned on.

Rule 3: Don't play Minecraft
This is a combat game. When you use the team base as a canvas for your pixel art, you are wasting space on the team. There are certain servers in Ace of Spades which are dedicated to building. Use them.

Rule 4: Don't Rage Quit.
When you're accused of something via votekick, do not start getting angry. Politely ask what you have done wrong. When the person replies, make claims to the contrary, and then be quiet about it. Mild-mannered players are seldom kicked.

Rule 5: Work as a team
When you are an active team player, people tend to remember you, especially if you prove yourself to be a team mate rather than a kill-hog. You can be a good team player by assisting someone when they're stuck in a wall, allowing them to respawn before going into combat again, and by being encouraging of them when they do something well. (“Nice shot”). Not only will you help win the game, you will gain a reputation as being friendly, which is a good esteem to be held in.

Rule 6: Learn who's in power, and then don't piss them off.
There are certain people in servers who are valued more than others. Admins, players who belong to the server's clan, or hang-arounds generally have a far reach. Admins can ban you directly, clan members can usually do the same, and hang-arounds are generally friends with the admin, or at least a few clan members. Even if you aren't interested in making friends with the person's in question, you don't want to make them angry.

Rule 7: Congratulate your opponent on a nice kill or good fight
Everyone like's being told they did a good job, and I find that congratulating your opponent on a nice shot tends to have a snowball effect, with more people being less angry that they were shot, and more impressed with the skill it took to have shot them. This leads to a more enjoyable gaming experience overall for everyone involved. Remember to type the person's name out (Nice shot, Tai!) because they may not understand that you are talking to them.

Chapter 3: Votekicking

How to votekick someone (The Right Way):
1: Type /votekick, the player's name or ID number, and a reason.
2: Elaborate on the reason to other players
3: Encourage people to vote. Do not do things like “Type /y for an airstrike”, as this is frowned upon.
4: Tell people HOW to vote. People are new. Most people haven't played games that involve commands rather than buttons. Explain to them that typing “/y” will get rid of hackers, aimbotters, etc.
5: Call on friends to vote. They usually will.
6: If the person is proven to have been playing fair, type /cancel to cancel the votekick

Why vote?
Voting is important. I have been shot many times because I've stopped mid game to vote off a griefer. People often try to finish what they are doing and then vote, but often times, it's too late, and the damage is done. It improves the community vastly to have people actively looking to root out those who would destroy the community otherwise. Just remember; your ratio isn't as important as the game itself. Don't ever not vote a griefer off the other team just because you think you could gain an advantage, because after he's done wrecking their tower, he'll come over and wreck your bridge.

Chapter 4: War

War is broken into two subsections; Strategy, and Tactics. Strategy explains why something is done, and Tactics explain how something is done. Tactics will keep you alive; Strategy will help you win the game. In this section, the word "friendly" refers to a player who is on your team, whereas the word "enemy" refers to a player on the opposing team.


To formulate a strategy, one must first have a clearly defined purpose. As of January 20th, 2012, there are four gameplay types:

- Capture the Flag (CTF) - Capture the enemy Intel
- Team Death Match (TDM) - Kill enemy player's up to a set limit
- Territorial Control (TC) - Capture all enemy Command Posts
- Tug of War (ToW) - Capture the front enemy Command Post

Anything you do within these games must serve to achieve victory. To capture intel, you might dig a tunnel, or secure a key position on the map. To win a game of team death match, you might build a fort to give your team a defensive advantage, or give covering fire to a friendly sniper. To win a game of territorial control or tug of war, you might defend a Command Post or try to capture enemy Command Posts.

More reading at:


Weapon Use
Note: In this section, the term "Jackhammering" refers to using a firearm as a method of block removal.

As of January 20th, 2012, there are three firearms in Ace of Spades; The Rifle, the Submachine Gun (SMG), and the Shotgun. These three weapons have different applications throughout the battlefield:

The Rifle is used for shooting at long range.

Fear Tactic: Dispersal (Player kills the soldier on point in a line of enemies, causing the others to run for cover, at which time they can be easily picked off)

Good for Long range combat
Good for Sniping

Bad for Jackhammering
Bad for Clearing buildings
Bad for Offensive Fighting

More reading at:

The SMG is a rapid fire medium range weapon.

Fear Tactic: Suppressive Fire (Player fires entire clip in general vicinity of enemy, causing the enemy to take cover. Works well as a distraction to snipers)

Good for Medium to Close Range Combat
Good for Jackhammering
Good for Offensive Fighting

Bad for Defensive Fighting
Bad for Clearing Tunnels
Bad for Camping

More reading at:

The Shotgun is a close range weapon.

Fear Tactic: Uncertainty (Player clearly illustrates that he or she is in possession of the shotgun, and then hides, causing the enemy to try to find an alternative route to avoid an ambush)

Good for Close combat
Good for Tunnel warfare
Good for Urban warfare

Bad for Front line fighting
Bad for Open combat
Bad for Mountainous Areas

More reading at:


Snipers are Rifle-using players. Snipers employ two key concepts; Patience, and concealment. A sniper must be patient when making his kills. Do not miss once, or you won't live to miss twice.

Concealment is directly correlated to patience. A sniper who does not miss is unlikely to be traced. However, extra precautions must be taken;
- Camouflaged hideouts
- Movement from one hideout to another
- Hiding or feigning death when a hideout is in danger of being overrun
- Shooting from behind so that the tracers cannot be seen

If a sniper is both patient and concealed, he will hit his mark every single time.
Remember; Aim, shoot, move, repeat.


Countersnipers use SMGs, which are ideal for jackhammering. They also leave behind tracers, making it easier for other SMG operators to locate the sniper that is being fired upon.

Look for any holes in the environment (not necessarily pillboxes), tracers, movement, grenades
Do not leave until the kill has been confirmed; Mark the position with bright blocks if at all possible, and sabotage any tunnel network the sniper may have constructed.

Footsoldier's Tactical Archive
A footsoldier is a player using a shotgun or sub-machine gun (SMG). Footsoldier tactics differ from snipers.

Work in squads
Unlike snipers, footsoldiers get killed often. It's important, therefore, that you operate in squads, which will prevent you from having to start all the way back at your command post.

Wall staggering
Making staggered walls can allow you to advance without exposing yourself to fire. Be mindful of the fact that these walls are easily broken, since they only have one block touching the ground (see image)

Intel camping
Bury the intel under a few blocks, and hide a few blocks over (see image). When the enemy digs down, fire.

When using the SMG, aim just under the head. The kickback will cause the aim to rise as you're shooting, and will
cause you to get headshots more times than not.

Fire and maneuver
When using SMG's or Shotguns, it's important to move around a lot, to avoid being picked off by enemy snipers. Move erratically but efficiently to cover, zigzagging or repeatedly crouching and standing.

Suppressive Fire
Take advantage of it when someone returns fire to the enemy; The enemy will likely hide temporarily, and the person returning fire will be the biggest target for any other enemy snipers. It's at this point you should make your move.

If you manage to navigate your way into the enemy's main fortifications, you need not destroy them. It's often better to hide within the fort, killing unsuspecting enemies who walk by.

Chapter 5: Engineering


Roads should be 3 to 7 blocks wide. Cover should be built in such a way that it is irregular and therefore unnoticeable They should follow the rules of camouflage. They should be kept flat.

Tunnels are very tedious to build, but an extremely safe method of transport. The only trouble with tunnels is that once they're built, they are usable by both sides, so care must be put into camouflaging them. The tunnel should be 3 by 3 blocks wide (to allow for easy movement in the tunnel), as straight and flat as possible, and underneath at least two blocks; otherwise, all it takes for you to be discovered is a rogue grenade going off on the ground above you.

The entrance of the tunnel should be relatively easy for team mates to find, but concealed enough that it doesn't become a hiding spot for an enemy campers. Try to make it look like a natural part of any landforms (such as mountains) that may be available. The exit of the tunnel should be hidden, blended in, and ideally turned at a right angle to prevent an enemy easy access.




Things to avoid:
Do not build notches in the walls, as people get stuck in them while running, making the transportation very ineffective. If you must make notches in the wall, make them only 2 blocks high so that no one gets caught in them.

Do not mark the entrance or exit with bright colours, as these areas are prized by campers seeking a few easy kills.

Avoid branching off of tunnels. Having two entrances means it's more likely that an enemy will uncover and infiltrate the tunnel, rendering it much less valuable than it was before undiscovered.

Bridges are temporary structures, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Still, most enemies will recognize them as critical targets. Front line bridges should be fortified extensively to prevent them from getting destroyed, but those lying within friendly territory should be open to allow for greater visibility when counter-sniping; bridges are a favourite locale of enemy snipers.


Bunkers differ from forts in that they are generally only comprised of one room, and are generally located closer to the front line. A few bunkers and their names are pictured below. Whenever you try to create a new bunker, remember that it's best to be low to the ground or built into a large structure, such as a mountain. Freestanding structures generally don't stand very long. Additionally, firing windows should have a block above them to allow players to crouch without holding the CTRL key.

Elements of Construction

Firing Windows
Firing windows are holes placed into the wall of a structure. These holes allow players to fire out of the structure they are occupying.

Crooks are small notches cut into the wall of a structure which allow players to crouch down without holding down control. They are used in combination with firing windows in bunkers and other fortifications.

Crooks and Firing Windows

Parapets are defensive structures which are comprised of empty spaces known as "crenels" and solid spaces known as "merlons". Crenels can be fired out of, where as merlons can be hidden behind. Parapets are found on forts

Door and Hallways
Doors and Hallways should be kept at least 2 blocks wide by 3 blocks high, and will ideally be 3 blocks wide by 3 blocks high. If you don't build doorways in your fortifications, people will dig through them.


The Box
A pillbox (or simply “Box) is the basic unit of fortification. It is low enough to keep the player crouched down without having to hold control, and has a firing window as well as a door. These structures are quick to construct, but are easily demolished.


The Staircase
The staircase is generally used on maps with narrow avenues, such as Hallway or Pinpoint. The staircase faces the friendly team and allows them to run over, while preventing enemies from doing so.


The Staircase Bunker
Staircase bunkers differ from staircases in that they provide an actual point for a player to shoot out of, rather than just run over. They are extremely durable, and as a result are good for front line combat.


Towers vary in their construction, but they are often used as a location for defending snipers on maps such as pinpoint. They offer observatory advantages, but have the disadvantage of being obvious; all it takes is a determined tunneler to bring the whole tower down within a matter of minutes. For this reason, towers are best used in combination with walls, and should ideally overlook a large, flat area.

The Wall-Road-Trench
The Wall-Road-Trench system allows for easy and protected movement. The upper wall and the trench can both be used as roads, if the system is designed right. These systems are generally quite time consuming to build, so avoid them on servers with shorter time limits.


Stands are walls with one block on the friendly side, allowing friendly players to jump over quickly while denying the same access to enemies.


The Platform

A platform is a slightly elevated bunker. It maintains a relatively low profile while also giving a slight height advantage to it's occupants.


The Composite Wall
Composite walls incorporate a wide array of defensive fortifications. In the picture below, (from left to right) A tower, staircase, gateway, parapets, and firing holes are featured. Ideally, no one will build in front of the main wall, allowing for a wide line of sight for anyone occupying it.


Camouflage is important. While you are building, remember to:
- Keep your building the same colour as the surrounding terrain
- Keep your building natural looking (Avoid perfectly straight edges, obvious windows, etc.)
- Use dull blocks (players tend to look at bright blocks more often, increasing your chances of being exposed)
- Use natural features as much as possible (Hide in trees, edges of valleys, etc)

Staying Alive
Builders are a favourite target for snipers, as well as submachinegunners looking to pick up a few quick kills. There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of getting shot while you build:

1: Never stand on top of what you're building. You become a huge target for any sniper.
2: Stand behind your wall when you construct it. Make sure you are completely covered.
3: Avoid building flags if you can. You'll almost always end up getting shot.

Chapter 6: Other Tips

It's very important to keep looking around, checking for enemies. There is always a camper or sniper hanging around somewhere, and you will get shot if you aren't paying attention.

Sabotaging Tunnels
If you intercept an enemy tunnel, it's easy to add an air of uncertainty to it; dig several branches onto the tunnel, and hide in one of them. After being killed a few times, the enemy may give up trying to retake the tunnel.

Surviving Grenades
If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a grenade at your feet, quickly cover it with blocks. This will prevent any damage from being done.

Spawning inside blocks
When you are in a squad, it's very common that you'll spawn inside of a block. You can hold a grenade too long to kill yourself, or change weapons. Don't drop the grenade, though; you may end up destroying your teammate's bunker.

Sometimes, it's better to keep walls thinner than thicker. It's very easy for an enemy to tunnel into your 5-block-thick fort and act as a spawn location for his squadmates.

Written by SLoW
Sound plays a very important part in the game, and if you're playing without speakers, or listening to other things, you're missing out on a lot of key information. Almost all actions you perform in game make a specific sound. If the fog allows you to see the player, you can hear the sounds they are making. The further away they are, the softer the sound. You can even tell with a fair degree of accuracy which direction the sound is coming from. Crouching or sneaking behind enemy lines will conceal your footsteps, allowing you to sneak up on the enemy, and hear them coming, too. You can also listen for digging sounds and use the information on your minimap to determine if you're hearing a friendly digger, or an enemy.

Congratulations on having completed my War Academy! Questions, Comments, or Requests? Post them below!

Special thanks:
The_Cliff, for providing a server to take screenshots on (His server in Finland is called "TheCliff")
SLoW, for providing another server to take screenshots on, proof reading, and written contributions
Suhler, who posed for the "crouching" photo in the Game Mechanics section

Tai's War Academy by Travis White AKA "Tai" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Licensing information can be found here:
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Tai's War Academy

IrishElf wrote:How is camping a problem...? AoS is essentially Counter Sniper: The Game.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Doctor » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:35 pm

It seems like someone has got plenty of free time, I must say I was fairly impressed and I'd suggest if this was somehow added (Or at least a little of it) into the AoS Wiki. It is very well written, lengthy of course, and I believe this is a fairly decent introduction and a fine guidelines tutorial (if anything) for those who are new to the game.

But honestly, if I was new to the game and wanted some answers, I'd rely on this, even if it takes me half an hour to read, I'd read it in parts, of course. :P
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Wafflez » Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:46 am

You should add something about where and when to place airstrikes so they have the greatest possible effect.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Tai » Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:57 am

Wafflez wrote:You should add something about where and when to place airstrikes so they have the greatest possible effect.

Thanks Wafflez, I'll be sure to do that when I update it.
Tai's War Academy

IrishElf wrote:How is camping a problem...? AoS is essentially Counter Sniper: The Game.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Suhler » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:09 am

To crouch down, hold down the “CTRL” key. This will make you only 2 blocks high, allowing you to fit into smaller spaces. It will also make your firearm more accurate while shooting.

:O The guy in the picture, that's me :D :D :D

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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby johny1234567 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:39 am

Very detailed and descriptive. Nice work
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Replica » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:08 am

Nice one
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Zecora » Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:07 am

Nice job, although I would not agree with certain points, such as the SMG being bad for defensive combat or camping (it's good if you have cover to let the enemy pass you by)

However there's a lot of awesome information here :D
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Tek2 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:03 am

It doesn't tell you how to jump.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Tai » Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:31 pm

Tek2 wrote:It doesn't tell you how to jump.

Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I'll update that right away.

Zecora wrote:Nice job, although I would not agree with certain points, such as the SMG being bad for defensive combat or camping (it's good if you have cover to let the enemy pass you by)

However there's a lot of awesome information here :D

Thanks Zecora. I had some debate with a friend over whether or not that was accurate, and I was mostly looking to have even pro/con lists for both weapons. I'll probably update that in a later version.
Tai's War Academy

IrishElf wrote:How is camping a problem...? AoS is essentially Counter Sniper: The Game.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Detta » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:03 pm

Very nice read. I knew basically everything in it besides the Sneaking bit, but I'm sure it'll help to get some good competition out of the new players.

I think it should be noted that, while in the scope for the Rifle, you need to aim at an enemy's chin to have the best chance at a headshot. Even if you miss the headshot, you will still hit the person for a good amount of damage, rather than aiming too high and missing entirely. The recoil will also be easier to re-aim from since you'll be aiming slightly lower.
This is also a good tip for when sniping from above the enemy. When an enemy player approaches and you are aiming in a constant spot down in the general direction, their head will go lower on the screen as they get closer. If you are following their movements towards you and aiming at their chin from above, you will hit them in the head because in the time between when you click and when the bullet gets to them, their head will be almost exactly in the center of the line of fire.

Also, and this isn't just because I'm obsessed with the Spade, you need to mention somewhere that it is a one-hit kill. It has the range of about one block, and is easily the best option for killing while sneaking around enemy territory if you have the option to get in close. It's much, MUCH quieter than any gun, which is good for getting kills without being detected by the rest of the other team.
IMO its best used in maps where tunnels are used a lot. You can simply dig a small indent in the wall, or hide around a corner, then silently kill people as they walk by. I've personally gotten four or five kills in a row just by hiding around the corner of a very thin tunnel, and only died because I failed to evade a grenade that was very well-placed.
It's also a good weapon to switch to when running into an enemy sniping base/tower if you have no grenades or plan to take it for yourself without doing too much damage. The Rifle is absolutely terrible at close range and it takes 3-4 non-headshot hits to kill a person with full health. This is ample time to run in and get a kill while not risking missing with your own Rifle (this is assuming you use the Rifle, because SMG and Shotgun are much better at close range if you're not worried about giving away your position or wasting ammo), and towers are generally pretty small in floor-area so it's unlikely you'll be killed without a lucky headshot.

One last thing: You should probably have a small section on good times and places to safely reload with each weapon.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Tai » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:31 am

Thanks Detta. Would you be okay with me in quoting your post in version 1.1?
Tai's War Academy

IrishElf wrote:How is camping a problem...? AoS is essentially Counter Sniper: The Game.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Detta » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:30 am

Tai wrote:Thanks Detta. Would you be okay with me in quoting your post in version 1.1?

Of course. ^_^
Happy to help!
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby ThisFrickinSite » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:49 am

It needs to say what commands are not available to vinalla servers, a ton of people think that /airstrike is part of the game.
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Re: Tai's War Academy

Postby Tek2 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:00 pm

You might want to mention that spade can kill through walls.
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