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SGA Tournament

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SGA Tournament

Postby Ultrasonic » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:41 am

MbdZOC wrote:Stooge Gamers are willing to sanction clan battles for Australian and New Zealand clans and players.
We are yet to decide upon the structure of the events and we are still waiting to finalize the rules.

So far we have decided upon this rule-set however it is open to suggestions:

-Each game will consist of five players from both clans. (you can have as many players as you like representing your clan on your roster however only 5 of them can compete per match)
-Once a week a server will be set up for the specific match, made private and the Link will be provided through some means of communication (probably through a steam group or PM)

-Victory will be via the best of 3 matches/maps.
-Maps will probably be CTF and will most likely consist of smaller maps like awp_india and facing_worlds... or we can make it so the clan matches are run on arena mode De_Dust2.(It also depends on any participating clans map suggestions - Tell us what maps you think are suitable for the tournament)
-To prevent hacking all players of the scheduled clan matches must record their game-play and upon admin request must provide their recordings. (steps on how to do this will be provided later)
-Clan matches will be run in a standard ladder form with winners moving to the next stage.
-Depending on how popular this is we may offer prizes to winning clans.

Winning clans will be recognised as SGA Ladder winners and will forever hold this bragging right.
Any clan which wishes to compete please voice your interest in this thread. We are also taking suggestions on rule changes and maps.

Clans currently signed up:

Basically, this is a tournament based on Australian and New Zealand gamers who play on the Stooge Gamers servers. The matches will act like a ladder being the winning team advances. If you'd like to sign up, please visit this page. Do not sign up here. You'll need a forums account on to be able to apply. The date and prize have not been announced yet.

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Re: SGA Tournament

Postby NoOne » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:12 am

Whoa???? :ohhh:
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