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[Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

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[Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby StackOverflow » Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:48 pm


It's been several months since the last update, recently passing 23k downloads :D

UPDATE: Spadille 1.5.1 has been released as a patch for a few bugs, including the serverlist parsing.

Spadille is an interactive server browser with features such as:

  • Favoriting Servers
  • Blacklisting Servers
  • Server history
  • Server geographical locations
  • Local pinging
  • Keyword searching
  • Filtering

Along with the server browser, Spadille includes other utilities:

Screenshot manager with one-click uploading to


Game updater

Game settings (includes key remapper)


  • Automatically saving screenshots (via PrtScr)
  • Screenshot manager with one-click uploading to
  • Game updater
  • Map Manager
  • Mod Manager (game models, game sounds, ironsights)
  • Vanilla server admin tools

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: 32-bit | 64-bit (most people already have this)

Download: (23k+ downloads to date)

Change Log:

Code: Select all
- Fixed serverlist parsing bug (due to updated serverlist format)
- Fixed bug with not being able to change server log directory
- Fixed some bugs with third-party game modes
- Fixed bug with ping filter not properly being applied
- Fixed bug when refreshing with favorites/recent tab open showing incorrect numbers
- Fixed bug with sliders not updating interface in game settings

- Filters are now tri-state (neutral, enforce, ignore)
- Added support for third-part game modes (TDM, TOW, 1CTF, R1CTF, Kraken, Babel, Arena, IRPG, IPower)
- Added key mapping to game settings
- Added JSON support
- Updated GeoIP database
- Fixed some obscure country names
- Updated game settings for 0.75
- Server browser redesigned
- Removed in-game name dropdown
- Improved memory management
- Added game mode column
- Added map name column
- Updated serverlist parsing
- Added support for server ports
- Removed connect dialog from localhost connect
- Joined servers are now immediately appended to recent listing
- Fixed bug with software/favorites column not remaining sorted
- Added search delay
- Added option to remove borders from screenshots
- IRC link opens Quakenet webchat if IRC client is not found
- Added search character limit
- Local pings can now be preserved between refreshes
- Improved search (multiple word splits)
- Removed clan prefix option
- Made country flags optional
- Fixed possible infinite recursion bug with Pyspades serverlist updating
- Attempting to join multiple games now kills first instance (optional)
- LOTS of refactoring
- Added global blacklist integration
- Added proper in-game name truncating
- Update downloading is now asynchronous
- Update downloading can now be cancelled
- Added proper error handling for failed update download
- Fixed bug when toggled columns are cut off on right
- IP column is now hidden by default
- Added country column/removed country flag from IP column
- Added checking for local server when attempting to connect to localhost
- Fixed bug with dialogs not remembering "do not show again" when cancelled
- Implemented screenshot cache
- Added more functionality to tray menu
- Added proper AoS installation checking
- Added feedback form
- Completely redesigned mod manager/added more functionality
- Mod manager now loadtime dispersed
- Added server logging options
- Removed filter counts
- Added option for HTML encoding/decoding
- Added server language options
- Added client language options
- Completely redesigned map manager/added more functionality
- Fixed bug with inproper map save filename format
- Fixed bug with saving corrupt maps
- Added quick match button
- Redesigned about dialog/updated credits
- Made hit indicator disabling dynamic
- Added support for float-based mouse sensitivity
- Added new "first run" dialog
- Column sort direction is now consistent between runtimes
- Fixed bug with non-fixed ping strength indicators
- Added menu option to refresh individual server data
- Added option to join server on middle-click
- Sever URLs are now case-insensitive
- Added icon for vanilla servers
- Added direct connect button to main window
- Ping strength indicators are now color-coded
- Updating pings now only applies to visible servers in list
- Redesigned converter
- Added automatic refreshing disabling after set number of failed attempts
- Added error reporting
- Added option to clear error log
- Adding automatic detection for new game install
- In-game name checking is now dynamic
- Game version checking is now dynamic
- Error log viewer is now dynamic
- Missing GeoIP database now prevents further execution
- Added option to upload error log to
- DDFontMake now included with installer
- Added create new map option in map manager
- Added option to periodically sync with global blacklist when hosting server
- Rewrote PrtScr hooking mechanism
- Added server counts in tabs
- Added option to backup mods
- Automatic refresh is now only disabled if server connection is successful
- Added option to close to system tray
- Removed deprecated Deuce name check
- Only successful joins are added to history
- Spadille now overrides "server full or misconfigured" error/offers retry option
- Added image uploading/online library to screenshot manager
- Improved game version detection reliability
- Added option to launch Spadille on system startup
- Added option to format title of Ace of Spades client
- Added drop-down list to direct connect for recent connection
- Added game updater
- Added support for direct connect using server URL without prepending aos://

- Fixed bug with incorrect installed version format
- LocalHost and external IP are regarded as the same server on join
- Attempting to open duplicate server console brings current one to focus
- Added support for new KV6/WAV files for 0.60 in mod manager
- Increased screenshot capture speed
- Fixed bug with screenshot collisions
- Fixed bug with multiple columns trying to fill to right
- Added option to show server name in title of windowed mode
- Ping filter now associated with filtering method
- Added option to toggle ping strength indicators
- Extendened screenshot funcationailty to windowed mode
- Added option for mouse sensitivity in general game settings
- Added option for windowed mode in general game settings
- Redesigned config editor/changed to general game settings
- Redesigned Spadille settings dialog
- Fixed missing mod manager buttons
- Fixed bug with mass ping update requiring two attempts
- Re-added URL column (hidden by default)

- Added support for TIFF screenshot format
- Added wait period in between blacklist synchronizations
- Fixed admin dialog locking up during blacklist sync
- Improved master server flood protection
- Removed refresh speed options
- Added option to automatically refresh server list
- Added error handling to converter
- Refreshing server list cancels ping operation if running simultaneously
- Consolidated network requests
- Added option to cancel ping operation
- Removed deprecated code and dependencies
- Switching tabs while pinging servers now halts process
- Added ping signal strength icons
- Changing name in config editor now updates stats section
- Refreshing list during ping updating now stops ping update
- Fixed bug with maps not properly loaded in VOXED in map manager
- Fixed bug with blacklist filter not properly saving
- Fixed bug with utilities not showing in taskbar when launched from start menu
- Added menu options to remove existing favorited/blacklisted servers
- Added option to config editor to disable hit indicator
- Added option to set filter method to blacklist or whitelist (blacklist by default)
- Saved maps now use MM-DD-YYYY instead of UNIX time
- Added support for copying multiple screenshots
- Added support for Ctrl+C to copy screenshots
- Screenshots now load asynchronously
- Redesigned screenshot manager with image preview
- Added option to play sound when capturing screenshot
- Added option to filter servers based on ping limit
- Filters are no longer processed unless there is actual servers to be filtered
- Fixed bug with update timestamp not showing on first refresh
- Fixed bug when opening config editor and invalid clan prefix
- Fixed possible bug when fetching external IP

- Server list is no longer refreshed unless it is different from the previous refresh
- Improved parsing speed (new serverlist)
- Improved memory management
- "Keep on top" is now consistent between runtimes
- Added option to sync banlist with global blacklist
- Removed limit on recent server count
- Fixed bug when main window is set to stay on top and child window is opened
- Added admin tools (ban list/admin list manager)
- Attempting to join an already-joined game focuses game window
- Added "bang searching" (reverse-searching by proceeding a query with "!")
- Fixed bug when displaying release notification when installed game version can't be found
- Added whitespace trimming for server names
- Added option to reset config in config editor
- Added drop down list for recent config names
- Added fog color option in config editor
- Adding shotgun support to mod manager
- Added pyspades icon column
- Possible fix when unable to acquire installed game version

- Fixed bug with screenshot viewer only showing PNG files
- Fixed bug with server list always reorganizing after closing favorites/blacklist dialog
- Improved reliability of properly retrieving user IP and country
- Double-clicking blacklisted icon prompts dialog to add to favorites
- Filtered servers are now correctly ordered by sorted column
- Local pings are now permanent until proceeding refreshes
- Fixed bug with accidentally blacklisting the server above the intended one
- Added clear option to server list manager
- Added "History" to server list manager
- Fixed bug when resetting columns and some column widths remain static
- Added update wizard
- Added option for custom refresh speeds
- Removed URL column in server browser (servers can still be searched via URL)
- Stats/filters/search added to right side of server browser
- Removed deprecated "non-favorites" filter
- Removed random connect
- Removed deprecated favorites/recent menu
- Added tabbed interface (public/favorites/recent)
- Fixed bug with inaccurate player count in stats

- Opening Spadille while already running now focuses existing window
- Local pings are now color-coded blue
- Redesigned and added addiction data to statistics
- Added refresh limiter
- Improved network traffic
- Added option to reset all filters
- Added warning dialog when attempting to join two games simultaneously
- Added clan prefix option/input in config editor
- Added option to change screenshot image format (PNG/BMP/JPEG)
- Fixed bug with collision when adding a blacklisted server to favorites
- Added double-clicking of icon column to add/remove server to/from favorites
- Added icon column for distinguishing between favorites/blacklisted/personal servers
- Redesigned the favorites/blacklist dialog
- Fixed bug with newly blacklisted servers being hidden when blacklist filter is off
- Substituted favorites color coding with favorite column
- Fixed possible bug with screenshot when game is not in focus (alt-tabbed)
- Added option to filter vanilla servers
- Fixed bug with remembering filter for pyspades and blacklisted servers
- Added option to filter non-favorited servers
- Added option to filter foreign countries
- Consolidated location column with IP column
- Re-added consistent client size between runtimes
- Disabled column header height resizing
- Added option to reset columns
- Added error logging
- Consolidated software column with the server name column
- Fixed bug when blacklisting first server on list
- Fixed bug with pyspades servers not being detected
- Added character limit to config editor name input
- Added button to mod manager to edit mod (KV6) in Slab6
- Added button to map manager to edit map in Voxel
- Slab6 now included with installer
- Fixed possible bug with missing GeoIP database

- Fixed bug with PrtScr key not hooking properly
- Fixed bug when deleting map from map manager
- Fixed bug with right-most column not filling potential excess space after restart

- Fixed bug with filename collisions when importing in mod manager/map manager
- Columns can now be resized, hidden, and moved
- Fixed bug with improper IP ranges along with IP/URL conversion
- Fixed bug when starting server and not being able to choose map from vxl directory
- Redesigned/condensed converter
- Added refresh button to the mod manager
- Made mod manager/map manager selection easier
- Added refresh button to screenshot manager
- Fixed bug with improper server details, strip HTML entities
- Added horizontal scrollbar for server browser when necessary
- Added support for SMG ironsight in mod manager
- Added support for new KV6/WAV files for 0.53 in mod manager
- Fixed bug with tab key being intercepted by server browser
- Fixed possible bug when selecting a drive as install director
- Added option to change screenshot directory
- Fixed possible bug when checking for updates on startup
- Added searching by country
- Set minimum size for main client
- Added drag/drop support for screenshot manager
- Added corresponding flags for server countries
- Added server country detection
- Added support for searching servers URLs with "aos://" prefix
- Fixed bug when searching servers by IP and decimal is ignored

- Added option to filter pyspades servers
- Added global statistics
- Redesigned options dialog and made it more organized
- Added option to toggle blacklisted servers
- Columns are now fixed sizes for better aesthetics
- Added multiple selecting for screenshots
- Fixed bug when trying to open/delete/copy screenshot when manager is empty
- Fixed bug with file paths exceeding width
- Fixed bug with file paths exceeding width of dialog in mod manager
- Server types (Normal/pyspades) are now recognized and listed accordingly (thanks to matpow2)

- Fixed bug with PrtScr being overridden even when game isn't active
- Fixed bug when trying to swap mod/sound/sight when list is empty
- Fixed bug when trying to swap map when list is empty
- Added support for subdirectories for sights
- Number of maps now displayed in map manager
- Improved map manager functionality/appearance
- Number of mods/sounds/sights now displayed in mod manager
- Monitoring/auto-saving of newly saved maps is now optional
- Fixed bug with IP column sizing
- Fixed bug when pancakes ironsights
- Fixed bug with mods not pancakes to appropriate locations
- Fixed bug with new aos update not working when clicked

- Favorites are no longer disabled while not on server list
- Auto-saving of screenshots is now optional
- Screenshots are no longer saved to clipboard
- Added option to show/hide gridlines in server browser
- Added feedback option under Help menu
- Fixed bug when sorting ping column when pings are refreshed
- Removed some debugging code

- Added start menu shortcuts for mod manager
- Redesigned and simplified the map manager
- Redesigned and simplified the mod swapper (inspired by danhezee)
- Consolidated the sight manager into the mod manager
- Fixed bug with "???" ping results (possible temporary fix)
- Favorites in menu are disabled if they are offline
- Fixed aesthetic bug with menustrip with different Windows versions
- Favorited servers are now color-coded in the server browser
- Added link to IRC under "Online Help"
- Improve Spadille icon quality (256x256x32)
- Fixed bug with sound manager displaying wrong extension
- Mod manager now shows the length of WAV files
- Added option to manually favorite/blacklist a server
- Added conflict checking of blacklisting an already favorited server
- Added multiple selecting for favorites/blacklist dialog
- Fixed crashing bug when clicking server list when there are no servers (keydown)
- Now displays umber of favorite/blacklisted servers
- Fix bug with full/empty server data being reversed
- Redesigned and simplified the blacklist/favorites dialog
- Added copy button to screenshot manager
- Added context menu/keyboard commands to screenshot manager
- Redesigned the screenshot manager
- Sorted column is now consistent between runtimes
- Improved reliability of checking for new game releases
- Fixed bug when saving maps and server name is non-existent
- Fixed bug when fetching external IP for converter
- All deleted files are now sent to the recycle bin
- Added support for similar file names for maps/mods
- Fixed possible bug with converter parsing AoS URLs
- Added "localhost" option to favorites menu

- Fixed bug with improper update timestamps
- Added context menu to system tray icon
- Fixed another bug with inaccurate release notification
- Fixed bug with ping not sorting properly
- Release notification now displays new release version
- Fixed bug with removing row when blacklisting server
- Added column sorting for favorites/blacklist/mods/sounds/maps/sights
- Columns can now be reordered
- Added button to play sound files
- Fixed bug with URL to IP conversion
- Fixed bug when retrieving external IP

- Fixed aesthetic bug with menustrip in Windows XP
- Fixed bug with screenshots not properly saving

- Fixed bug with Ace of Spades release notification

- Fixed bug when saving config settings in wrong order
- Added capture limit to config editor
- Added invert mouse to config editor
- Added option to minimize to system tray
- Added direct connect dialog for server url or ip
- Consolidated blacklist and favorites windows into one
- Added support for subdirectories for mods/sounds/maps/sights
- Added sound manager for WAV files
- Added mod manager for KV6 files
- Pinging single servers now updates the list instead of displaying dialog
- Double-clicking sight in list now assigns it
- Modified update speeds
- Improved ping response time
- Fixed bug where auto-update is disabled on startup and won't change
- Improved main menu appearance
- Made the the server connect prompt optional
- Fixed bug with inconsistent config settings

- Added URL to IP conversion to converter
- Fixed bug involving master server maintenance
- Added image resolutions to ironsights list
- Made favorites/blacklist windows resizable
- Added support to import multiple files in map manager/ironsights manager
- Fixed bug when copying map in map manager
- Removed redundant settings in options
- Fixed a few grammar mistakes
- Added "Copy Server Name" option and consolidated all copy functions in one submenu
- Changed Read Me to standard .txt format

- Added start menu shortcuts for ironsight manager and maps manager
- Created Utilities subdirectory in start menu
- Added drop-down list for resolutions in config editor
- Fixed bug when clearing search field and changes are not applied
- Fixed many possible bugs involving incorrect Ace of Spades directory
- Fixed bug involving repetitive installation directory dialog on startup
- Added notification for new Ace of Spades releases
- Added saved maps manager
- Added automatic copying of saved maps
- Status bar now displays last update timestamp
- Added ironsight manager

- Fixed bug when middle-clicking column headers
- Fixed bug with attempting to view non-existing screenshot directory

- Added "Deuce" name reminder at startup
- Fixed random bug that tends to occur during fast updating
- Fixed bug when server is selected and list is updated
- Fixed bug with searching while empty/full filters are set
- Added user guide to help menu
- Fixed a few bugs with installation/uninstallation
- Switched toolstrip to menustrip for aesthetics
- Fixed bug with clear filter button showing up when field is blank
- Fixed bug when sorting numeric columns (ping/players/max)
- Added button in screenshots viewer to browse storage directory
- Fixed Ben Aksoy's name in about dialog (sorry Ben)

- Window state now consistent between runtimes
- Improved filter searching
- Fixed bug when clearing search query and filters don't refresh
- Consolidated auto-update button and speed change options
- Fixed bug with random connect when no servers to choose from
- Removed version number from window title
- User can now select Spadille install directory

- Added a Read Me
- Temporarily disabled notifications for new game releases

- Fixed bug when remembering auto-update between runtimes
- Added recent servers ability
- Fixed bug when empty/full filters are ignored when searching servers
- Added server blacklisting/blacklist manager
- Added random server selection
- Added button to reset server search
- Added favoriting/favorites menu/favorites manager
- Added Ace of Spades update checking
- Fixed bug when editing config file regarding
- Improved initial server list retrieval speed
- Added separate install shortcuts for config editor and screenshot viewer
- Added status information in status bar
- Added middle-click support to connect to servers
- Added screenshot viewer
- Added screenshot function

- Column sorting is now consistent between runtimes
- Added startup update (optional)
- Fixed bug with changing selected server when updated
- Fixed bug when server ping exceeds 999ms
- Added option to ping individual servers
- Window size is now consistent between runtimes
- Added statusbar to display server data (total/full/empty)
- Added option to filter empty servers
- Added option to filter full servers
- Added toggle button for auto-update

- Added searching for IP and URL
- Fixed bug when pressing enter to connect to server and it jumps to the next one
- Auto-update stops when attempting to connect to server
- Fixed possible bug with alternative installation locations
- Added options dialog
- Added support for saving settings
- Added server name searching
- Added official homepage/forum/wiki links
- Added IP converter
- Added context menu
- Added keyboard options
- Fixed bug when changing res
- Fixed bug when saving config

- Initial release
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby TheGrandmaster » Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:48 pm

\o/ Good work! Been waiting for this..
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby Fluttershy » Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:53 pm

I think hell just froze over.
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby HermanCain » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:05 pm

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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby RooK » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:32 pm

I love for this (no homo)!
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby CraftDinur » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:33 pm

apparently this is a virus yo.
just kidding, been waiting for spadille since forever c:
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby Vortex » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:48 pm

Stack you might need some physical protection, as I will need to rape you (With the probability in others following suit) for this beautiful tool, thank you.
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby StackOverflow » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:49 am

Just released a patch update (Spadille 1.5.1). Fixes a few bugs including the serverlist parsing (due to the new serverlist format).
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby DrSandwich » Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:03 am

Overflow you beast you
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby rensdragonlord » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:24 am

Link's not working(for me) :/

EDIT: Nvm,It worked.I guess it was just my Internet Connection trying to be a jerk.
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby StackOverflow » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:35 am

rensdragonlord wrote:Link's not working(for me) :/

EDIT: Nvm,It worked.I guess it was just my Internet Connection trying to be a jerk.

My server just derped a bit.
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby FaithLV » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:20 pm

Ok, goodbye Uberi's server browser i guess.
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby JonnyBravo » Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:49 pm

StackOverflow wrote:
rensdragonlord wrote:Link's not working(for me) :/

EDIT: Nvm,It worked.I guess it was just my Internet Connection trying to be a jerk.

My server just derped a bit.

Ok! when you Fix your server?
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby StackOverflow » Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:11 pm

JonnyBravo wrote:
StackOverflow wrote:
rensdragonlord wrote:Link's not working(for me) :/

EDIT: Nvm,It worked.I guess it was just my Internet Connection trying to be a jerk.

My server just derped a bit.

Ok! when you Fix your server?

All should be good now. *late response*
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Re: [Tool] Spadille v1.5.1 (Updated for 0.75)

Postby JKT » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:48 pm

Good job, as always
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