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[Serverlist] SpadesPHP Reloaded

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[Serverlist] SpadesPHP Reloaded

Postby williampigmeu » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:54 am

Hi there, I'm back to announce that SpadesPHP development is back!
I thinked, and, I really liked to develop it, so, I'll continue the project. I don't know if anyone likes it, but I like, so, I'll continue it.

-!- Download -!-
SpadesPHP Reloaded 1.1.9:
Changes from previous version:
- Added installer;
- Added automatic updater (still beta);
- Fixed some bugs in favorite servers list;
- Some minor bugs fixed;

-!- Updates will still be posted till the automatic updater is working fine. -!-

-!- Development Info -!- (Done - Work in Progress - Planned)
- Serverlist
- Colors in text
- Favorite servers list
- Friends list with chat
- Search servers
- User friendly installer
- GTK based GUI (Removed, because SpadesPHP don't want to be like the others!)

-!- Now the source-code isn't available anymore. -!-

Brace yourselves, SpadesPHP Reloaded has come!
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Re: [Serverlist] SpadesPHP Reloaded

Postby Mariokillu » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:50 pm

I suggest you give the raw source files in a zip, rather than making an installer. Until then, this is a mystery.
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