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[-â™  Ace Of Spades Launcher â™ -] Need a name! WIP

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[-â™  Ace Of Spades Launcher â™ -] Need a name! WIP

Postby Moghard » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:11 pm

[-â™  Ace of Spades Launcher â™ -]

I'am creating another Ace Of Spades launcher!
But now, i'am not going to use crappy .bat! I'am going to use Game Maker 8 Pro!
I see, that the menu is very similar to what we are going to get in the 1.0 update.
First of all, i need a good name for it. Have any ideas? Leave a comment!

Maybe tomorrow, i'am going to upload some unfinished pics.
I need a good background (a 1200x600 picture presenting AoS classic gen map), something like menu in Minecraft.
A very very wide picture that will move left/right. Can someone make one? I will give him credits.

Like the idea?
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Re: [-â™  Ace Of Spades Launcher â™ -] Need a name! WIP

Postby BlueToonYoshi » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:16 pm

Sounds good. How about Spade Launcher for the name, that sounds fine to me. And for the background, how the background you see on the sides right now?
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