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Game Review MegaThread

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Game Review MegaThread

Postby Daniella » Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:08 am

Hey guys,

Here's a place to post your game reviews. PC games only. Please do so in the following format.

Title: (Title of Game)
Gameplay: (The game's play style, controls, any major bugs/ glitches and fun in general)(1-30)
Multiplayer Gameplay: (The game's online multiplayer if it has any. If the game does not have multiplayer, Visuals and Sound are now 1-30)(1-20)
Visuals: (How appealing the game is to look at, how well made the animations are, how the art style matches the gameplay, anything you can tangibly see. Not how "realistic" or "HD" the graphics are.)(1-20)
Sound: (How good the music and sound affects are)(1-20)
Difficulty: (High or Low Difficulty should be scored low unless the game was meant to be easy or difficult)(1-10)
Overall Rating: (Final thoughts/ summary of your opinion and total points out of 100.)

Please be a little more insightful than "Minecraft sux bc the graphics".

Also, use THIS as a guide for your ratings.

We look forward to seeing some great and amusing reviews. We have a hugely diverse player base that play a whole variety of different games. We'd like to know what you think of them.

- Daniella and Defaulter


Games Reviewed

Ace of Spades - Average Score: 58.33(Mediocre)
Lone Surviver - Average Score: 84(Great)
Live For Speed - Average Score: 69.5(Okay)
Touhou 6 - Average Score: 95(Excellent)
Deadly 30 - Average Score: 80(Great)
Fallout 2 - Average Score: 86(Great)
Roblox - Average Score: 37(Awful)
Arx Fatalis - Average Score: 87(Great)
Vindictus - Average score: 88(Great)
No More Room In Hell - Average score: 82(Great)
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby razor10000 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:47 am

Just saying, why only PC games? I reckon most people here would have a console.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby ReubenMcHawk » Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:05 am

Title: Ace of Spades
Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty fun, other than the crippling lag I seem to face everywhere. I'd give it a 17.
Multiplayer Gameplay: Multiplayer gets a 10, because while it works, it's full of morons.
Graphics: Game looks good, the modding is really nice. I'll give it a 18.
Sound: No complaints here, 20.
Difficulty: It's easy to play, hell, even I can hold a decent ratio for a while, and I'm shit. I'd give it a 5.
Overall Rating: I guess it gets a 70. I miss when this game was fun. ;_;
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby TheGeekZeke101 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:07 am

    ~Zeke's Gaming Review List~

Title: Ace of Spades
Gameplay: Eh, gameplay is okay. The games still a little buggy, and I have a hard time having fun, so I'd give it a 15.
Multiplayer Gameplay: I love the multiplayer aspect. Couldn't see this being a singleplayer game. I love playing with the guys n' girls in the community. 18
Graphics: The game looks pretty decent, though, it could be polished up. 16.
Sound: Sounds isn't all that bad, though, I preferred alot of the the older sounds. I'd say 9
Difficulty: Honestly, it all depends. Because I like to play with more skillful players, I'd say a 7.
Overall Rating: This game needs lots of improving. I think if the game stays as is, I'm gonna find somewhere else to spend my time. Overall I give Ace of Spades an exact 65. I'd sure love to see it be a 100 one day though.

Title: Lone Survivor
Gameplay: The game is an rpg type survival, so its new and lots of fun. This most definitively deserves a 28.
Graphics: Game looks amazing! The 8-bit feel really gives the game it's "umph". This gets a 28.
Sound: The sounds are great. The game sounds do a good job spooking you! 20
Difficulty: Well, I have to give this game an 8 difficulty. It's easy to start off with, but sometimes your lead to find lots of answers to your problems on youtube or the web. It can be challenging if you dont know much.
Overall Rating: Overall this game gets an 84. Just about everything in this game is completely amazing and I recommend it to everyone!

Title: Live for Speed
Gameplay: The game is a fun, easy going race car game. You can go about with training, time laps, etc. 22.
Graphics: Game looks pretty well, atleast for something that ran on my netbook. 20.
Sound: The sounds are ok. Personally, they're a little quiet. Could use some originality too. 20
Difficulty: Well, I have to give this game an 4 difficulty. Im not too too familiar with car games, but this one was easy to learn and control.
Overall Rating: Overall this game gets a 66. I didn't care for it too too much. This is more of a game you play to goof around in and test your car skills.

ReubenMcHawk wrote:Overall Rating: I guess it gets a 60. I miss when this game was fun. ;_;

Yeah, dot on. I also agree, I miss when it was fun. I dislike the game less and less each day :/
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby swim » Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:28 am


Title: Live for Speed
Gameplay: U GO FAST CAR (25/30)
Racing game with not too many but enough cars to cover many types. The cars are not "customizable" in appearance/performance through upgrades but are most definitely fine tunable in many aspects. Most cars are loosely based off real cars although there are a small amount of actual cars. There are a few tracks, with a few configurations to each, again covering most styles. There are also a few rally tracks and car configurations. Good physics and decent realism for what it is. You can play alone, against customizable AI, hotlaps, or online. There is a free demo on their website, and 2 licenses that you can buy that give you additional cars and tracks. You can alternatively get the full game for free. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
Multiplayer Gameplay: U GO FAST CAR ONLINE (10/20)
Never played online (you need to buy the game or you can only use demo version cars online) but it's just the game played with people and custom tracks. Community is dwindling but still alive.
Graphics: LUKS GEWD MANG (15/20)
Almost (kinda) photorealistic graphics that still run awesome on my terrible old integrated laptop GPU. Requires a little bit of community mods to make it look even awesomer but stock will still look great. Should run on almost anything short of a netbook if you adjust the settings.
Like a lot of the stuff in the game, you can find engine sound packs for most of the cars online, and adjust them yourself. The default sounds pretty great too. Not much for background music but who would want it anyway.
Difficulty: MODERATO (7/10)
AI have difficulty settings, and you can obviously challenge yourself if you want .The controls are all mappable. Will definitely help if you have a wheel and pedals. (which I do not :{ )
Overall Rating: PLAY IF U LIKE GO FAST CAR (75/100)
Video: ME GOING FAST CAR (with terrible quality because fraps and gaming don't mix on my computer (I also can't drive for feces)) You should be able to find lots more on youtube.
Website: They have a wiki and guides and stuff kicking around too.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby Daniella » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:30 am

TItle: Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.


Gameplay: Shoot, dodge, shoot, dodge, shoot. It's a "Danmaku" game which literally translates into "bullet curtain", and appropriately so. It's resembles games like Galactica but instead of space ships and aliens it's little girls (Incredibly manly). The levels are broken up into 4 sections: Beginning, Mid Stage Boss, Middle, and Stage end Boss. There are six levels in the main game with one extra level in the bonus stages giving 7 stages with 14 bosses total. The controls are fluent, not once has my death been the game's fault (Contrary to my own beliefs). Pressing "Z" shoots which doesn't make sense, you should automatically shoot since there's no reason to ever stop shooting. Shift slows you down which is nice when trying to be precise with your movements. There are 2 characters with 3 versions. Each one is good for different things, one for power (Giant Missile), one for accuracy (Homing missile) so on and so forth. However, sometimes random clipping and slippery movements can ruin your day. Overall the gameplay is pretty good. (28/30)

As you can see, the game is incredibly pretty. Every single attack is distracting amazing, sometimes forming shapes like Hearts, Circles and X's. (27/30)

Sound: Touhou music is incredible, so incredible that there are entire bands in Japan dedicated to remixing songs from the game. And this game is no exception. As a matter of fact, you've probably heard and liked a touhou song without knowing it. The songs are incredible ingame too, if you move at the pace intended the music goes along with the actions happening before you. I really can't see the sound being any better. (30/30)

Difficulty: Remember that picture up there? The one I called pretty? I forgot to meantion that everything on that screen will kill you. One hit. And you only have 3 lives. For the entire game. There is no other game I've played that is as frustratingly difficult, one of the few games that can make me angry. It's a love-hate Relationship. But the game wasn't meant to be easy, it's a Danmaku game for a reason. And it does it's job well. Luckily though, if you're not that good at games like these (Like me) there are 5 difficulty settings. Easy (Normal) Normal (Hard) Hard (Insane) Lunatic (Pictured above, Near impossible) and the Bonus stages with the difficulty Extra (Impossible) (10/10)

Overall Score: Amazing, I recommend it to people with patience though as it is incredibly difficult, even on easy mode. (95/100)

Me Failing at Touhou
ReubenMcHawk Failing at Touhou
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Deadly 30-Not the show with Steve Bachelor

Postby Stranger » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:39 am

Deadly 30
Zombie Survival-Horror Indie game by Ignatus Zuk and Gonzalo Villagomez (Gonzossm).

A simple game with a long play time. The controls for movement, combat and other stuff are easy to learn, but you can sometimes accidently perform a dodge into a croud of naked zombies due to a double tap of a movement key. Because I'm generally useless at explaining stuff, the next extract is from the original website.

"Survive 30 nights of horror and zombie menace in Deadly 30! Rescue and recruit companions, upgrade your weaponry and fortify your position during safe daylight. At night defend you bunker and fight off waves of attacking zombies. 12 guns, 11 types of zombies, 25 achievements and thousands of ways to die!

Elements of tower defense including setting up the defense of your base and upgrading your weaponry meet the action-packed run and gun genre of the golden days of gaming. Featuring a strong exploration element, you are required to leave the safety of your base, to forage for materials to make it through the night.

• Elements of tower defense and retro Contra style gameplay.
• Three different characters, playable at the same time.
• A.I. controlled team combat.
• Unique upgradable weaponry for each of your soldiers.
• Enhance your base for better defenses.
• Gruesome different enemies and deadly weapons.
• Tactical planning is required, or you will learn to fear the dark!"

During my time playing this game, I only noticed on bug, which occured when opening the game. If a screen size setting above 800x600 was picked, the screen would turn pitch black upon entering a game. I give it a 26/30 for gameplay.

Now for the multiplayer side of things. Wait! There is none. Shamefully, the developers have been unable to incorporate a functioning multiplayer experience, however one is planned in the near future. There is a nice friendly AI to look after you.

Graphics. Are. Great. Although they are only cartoony, they boast great detail. Each character and NPC is uniquely drawn out by the great cartoonist Gonzossm himself. He's on youtube by the way. And the animations and coding allows for smooth flowing movement. Highlight of the game is the graphics. 28/30

Now for the sound. While each weapon posesses it's own sound, wether it is for reloading or shooting, the music is somewhat bland. You would expect the music to create tension during a game of this genre, which to a certain extent it does. But having the same soundtrack playing through out gets rather boring after a while, and that's when I turn on You, Me at Six. I give the sound 17/30.

Lastly, the difficulty. At the beginning of the game it is relatively easy, but as you progress, the game becames dramatically more difficult. Even with some of the best weapons, I still struggle to complete the game. I give it 9/10, as the creators wanted to strain the skills of the player.

Overall, Deadly 30 is a great game with lots of potential, lots of detail and funny cut-scenes. The game gets a score of 80/100.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby USABxBOOYO » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:00 am

This is more of what the Gaming section should be like. Stickied.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby Pulchritude » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:57 pm

Title: Ace of Spades

Gameplay: 9/30. Gameplay is mediocre at best. Constant bugs that have failed to been fix has reduced the population greatly, such as the z-buffer not working with the z-axis, resulting in being able to see through voxels if you look straight down. No voxel limits on weapons, allowing people to make "lasers" which let you extend the weapon through the blocks. Relying on 3rd party programs to provide basic anti-hack measures. These are just a few basic things that should have been fixed a long time ago, but unfortunately they weren't deemed important enough.

Multiplayer Gameplay: 14/20. I'm giving this a higher score then I should probably because it has the ability to be actually decent, if you play the right people. Unfortunately, this game is filled with immature children who only complain when their "streak" is ruined by a death, or attempt to "teabag" you. Never understanding the true objective of the game, if it's TDM, Control Point, CTF, or any other game mode, they'll do the exact opposite of what is required to win. You will also often find that there is at least 3 AFKers in a game, and people don't pay attention to a votekick to get rid of a griefer, or said AFK persons.

Graphics: 4/20. By appealing, I think you mean APPALLING, because that's exactly what it is. While I understand this game is supposed to be able to be ran on your "grandmother's rig", you should be able to still be able to make it look sharper and more clean. Thankfully, an outside source is has been making an OpenGL client, so that might actually boost this rating for me.

Sound: 8/20. By default, the sounds are absolutely horrendous in every way possible. But thankfully, this game has the ability to customize your sound options, which includes reloading, firing, building, grenades, and even your footsteps!

Difficulty: 5/10. Difficult at first for new players, and a cinch for the older players. There is no learning curve, so to speak, but you will die a lot when you first play.

Overall Rating: 40/100. I think that giving AoS a 40 overall is a bit friendly of me. I can only hope that this game improves over time, and not decline like it has done so in the past. This is my review, and Ben has done better than anything I could do with programming. If you're able to take anything from this, Bcoolface (and I know you'll read it) then understand that I'm not trying to "flame" you, or your work. I'm merely just telling you what is wrong, and what other people seem to forget.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby Eden » Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:34 am

Title: Image

Gameplay: It utilizes a unique system called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. It heavily relies on the mouse (e.g. Sam and Max) It's completely open-ended you can do whatever the hell you want to do, become a porn star, round up a bunch of slaves, kill a kid, make a kid kill his father by "accident", call an old lady bitch, own an atomic powered car, run over a ghoul with the said car, marry a shotgun-toting drunk hooker, get made fun of the tin armor you're using, and meet Arthur and the knights, I could list much more. The game is well known for its severe bugs, however fear not! for the NMA community's unofficial patch that fixes a shitload of bugs. I have played through the vanilla game using high rez patch without bugs or problems, anyways. (27/30)

Multiplayer Gameplay: I have never played the online mod, but if you are willing to give it a try, visit (N/A)

Graphics: Okay graphics considering the fact that it's from 1998, however you can up-rez the game using a little friend. (23/30)

Sound: terrific sounds for it's time period. (25/30)

Difficulty: Very realistic. There were chances of you getting killed in a single blow from a plasma rifle. Quests have multiple ways of getting completed that requires strategy to finish. (9/10)

Overall Rating: The vidya is rich in content, almost everything blends into each other seamlessly. The game holds at least hundreds of quests to ensure that you have a rewarding experience from the game. Let's take the dealing with the slavers quest for an example. The Slavers have a buddy of yours, Vic, that you want to rescue. There were many ways of getting this done. You could go into the Slaver headquarters and shoot them all up. If you were a explosive traps guy, you could go in the building and plant dynamite, then leave, and blow everyone up. If you had high intelligence and high speech, you could convince the slavers to stop trading slaves, and get them to free Vic. If you were a jerk, (like my guy was), you could join the Slavers, get a permanent slaver tattoo on your forehead that would have consequences for the rest of the game, and sell your tribal companion into a life of servitude. If you were a chick with a decent charisma, you can have sex with the head slaver guy for Vic's freedom. I give this game an overall rating of 86.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby DarkDXZ » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:24 pm

(inb4 wtf am I writing)

Gameplay: lego-esque, Roblox puts players in the world that can they create themselves, from bricks that can be individually shaped, colored, prettied up with textures and scripted using modified version of LUA. (the engine is extremely laggy, though) (14-30)

Multiplayer Gameplay: The game was aimed to be very multiplayer-heavy game, but for someone older than 12, it's hardly enjoyable multiplayer experience, due to how pathetic the community is. (nobody treats anyone seriously). Also, as mentioned before, game has a relatively poor netcode, leading to major lags, even on high-end computer. HOWEVER, when playing with reasonable people on a reasonable server, it can become reasonably fun, albeit it's a rarity lately. (2-20)

Graphics: Since the game is created from bricks, it's hard to tell how appealing it is. But generally speaking, the graphics are mediocre, at best. Although, the new prototype of upcoming engine looks very promising. At the current state, the graphics are rather unpleasant.(11-20)

Sound: While sounds can be put by the users into the game, there isn't a lot of it, and even the very little of them existing are of a very poor quality. And music is essentially non-existant, bar few average-quality themes. (9-20)

Difficulty: It's hard to rate ROBLOX's difficulty, since it was meant to be a building game. However, certain user-created games tend to be rather poor in terms of difficulty - they're either (literally!) impossible or so easy to the point they're boring. The hardest part of the game is scripting itself, but it's due to fact that LUA is a difficult scripting language in its own right. (1-10)

Overall Rating: When I first heard of the ROBLOX in 07/08 (I can't remember) it was really fun and enjoyable game, but since then, the community has worsened a ton, and developers has became really greedy, putting more and more "premium" features. (and the prices of items with in-game currency are a joke, so are the prices of premium accounts - the cheapest lifetime premium costs 200 dollars!.)

However, excluding the terrible community and developers, ROBLOX can be enjoyable, but its pluses are severely outweighted by the minuses. And thus, it gets a bad 37/100.
Five years ago, I would give it a far higher rating, but things have severely changed since then. Sorry ROBLOX, you have wasted your chance.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby Moghard » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:11 am


Title: Arx Fatalis
Gameplay: The game is a really good RPG, a bit similar to Gothic. I didn't found any bugs. The combat system is really good. For example, when you want to use a magic spell, you need to literally draw symbols on the screen with your mouse, so you can for example cast a fire ball. To learn new spells, you need to find/buy new runes. The game is too short. I completed it in nearly two and half a day. The story is talking about a world, where the sun died, and people hide in underground caves. I think there is 7 levels, and each race live on other levels. You will see trolls, Ylisdes, Rat-mens and even Dwarves. (26-30)
Graphics: The game was released in 2001 so the graphics are not amazing, but they are pretty good :P Sometimes i was getting some problems with transparent textures being black, but that wasn't a big problem. (10-20)
Sound: Well, the music is good, and the sound effects are good too. When you explore a crypt, the sound effects are really realistic and creepy. (19-20)
Difficulty: Sometimes the game is very difficult! Some quest are really hard to complete, because you don't always know, where you should go. It's really easy to die, when you'll get into a wrong place. I was making a side quest, and i wanted to explore caves i found when walking to next NPC. When i walked to the cave, there was an Ylside warrior (probably the most strong enemy) that killed me with 3 hits with his double-handed sword. You are often attacked by enemies that are too strong for you, when you meet them. (8-10)
Overall Rating: Final thoughts? Well, the game could be better, it's too short, and too hard. But i love the combat system, and music.

Sorry for my poor English.
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Postby Stranger » Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:55 pm

Title: No More Room In Hell

Gameplay: The gameplay is simply objective (1 defense map so far). You explore a small snipet of a city for your objective. Complete it and move on to the next. Although simple, there is no HUD to guide you to your objective, it's your job as well as your other server 'buddies' to find them. This adds a certain sense of realism to the game which other well known titles have failed to achieve. The game also thrives upon the consept of avoiding the enemy as much as you can, and only fighting as a last resort. It does this by shoving a ton of enemies in your general direction which have a random chance of infecting you (which reals annoys me most of the time), giving you very small amounts of guns and their respective ammos, and making melee weapons require 3-6 hits on an enemy to kill it. But do not be dis-heartened by the seemingly impossible gameplay, as the levels are completable. Overall, it's a 26.

Multiplayer Gameplay: This game is designed to be played online, however the option to go solo is avaliable (not recommended). Most people know what they are doing online, and most try to help one another. However the game is not spoilt by those who wander off alone as they usually die quickly. Multiplayer is explained in it's majority above, as SP is the same as MP. I give the MP experience a 19

Visuals: Visuals are great on full settings. Not the best, but for an old engine, it performs beautifully on the graphical side. Guns have that metallic shine to them, ejected shells are the same, character and NPC skins are the same. Terrain could use a spruce up though, but generally not a problem unless one intentionally gets close to a wall of the floor. Another great feature of the game is the HUD. There is none. Apart from when you check your ammo (a small indicator appears at the bottom of the screen, there is no health bar and no compass showing the general direction of the objective. When your health hits about 15 (/100) your screen turns black and white gradually. Also, when infected your screen looks like it has veins growing across it and becomes gradually darker until you fall to the infection. Visuals get a 16.

Sound: There is very little ambient sound in the game (sirens and explosions in the distance which don't affect the game), which (for me) makes you more in sync with the world around you. Guns have realistic sounds, and when you strike something with a melee weapon the sound corresponds with the material of the weapon. The background music is minimalist, but creates a descent amount of tension, making you more alert. Sound gets a 13.

Difficulty: The game is designed to be realistic, and a realistic zombie apocalypse is difficult. Zombies can grab you and hold you in there, they can infect you, some can run. And the children. THE FUCKING CHILDREN! I'm stopping there. Difficulty gets an 8.

Overall Rating: Overall, I HOPE THE CHILDREN BURN. Anywho, the game is great for only being in it's Beta stages, and is constantly being updated. This game has the potential to turn into an exellent indie game.
So, the overall score is...let me get a calculator...82

Fact: During the writing of this review I listened to 21 The Strokes songs, 7 Arcade Fire songs, 1 Kaiser Cheifs song and the Laurel and Hardy theme song.
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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby ugotpiez » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:05 am

Title: Vindictus
Gameplay: It's an MMORPG Dungeon-Runner, meaning it's not exactly open world. The gameplay is amazing, extremely fast paced, and you can interact with your environment it's actually quite hard to describe its amazing-ness, but it gets a 28
Multiplayer Gameplay: You can play the game both alone, or in a team, playing multiplayer really requires teamwork when defeating a boss, as they can at times be extremely difficult, there is, of course the occasional noob, and the occasional party filled with the same exact character class. I give Multiplayer a 16
Visuals: The graphics are just beautiful, stunning, dynamic. Even on the lowest settings, the game is total eye-candy, just running it on Low settings can give it a nice sheen, I suggest using Advanced Settings, for maximum performance. I give Visuals a 20
Sound: Spot on, the music fits in perfectly with the maps, and boss battles, whether it be an important boss that requires coordination, or just a casual boss you kill to level up, it mixes in as well as anything could. Sound effects can have a little something to work on, such as the grunts when you attack, but that's really it, the other sounds sound amazing. I give Sound a 15
Difficulty: This game can both be played on a "Normal" mode, which is the easiest, and is actually not too challenging, then a Hard mode, which can be a bit tough at times, and another mode, "Hero" mode, that you will unlock at the later-levels, I have never played it yet, but from what I know, it can be quite frustrating should you be playing with just random people, and not people who you're coordinated with. I give Difficulty an 18, for a versatile experience on how hard you want the game to be.
Overall Rating: There really is nothing to sum up, it's just such an amazing game, Score out of 100 : 97/100 maybe that's a tad high, but to me, the game is just that amazing.

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Re: Game Review MegaThread

Postby Stranger » Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:48 pm

ugotpiez wrote:I give Difficulty an 18...

Difficulty is out 10
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