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Welcome/First announcement!

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Welcome/First announcement!

Postby TheGrandmaster » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:11 am

Well, welcome one and all to the new Clan forum.
We as the staff thought it would be great to separate the clans into somewhere more comfortable and easily manageable.

Our aim with this new forum is to centralise clan co-ordination, and allow clans to easily contact each other.

The way it'll work:
  • Clans join the forum
  • If a clan has more than 8 members: Leaders create an Application thread in the Apply section after reading the Application outline
  • If a clan has less than 8 members: They cannot apply, but instead create a recruitment thread in the Small Clans forum after reading the guidelines about that forum.
  • The staff will process each request and create a section for your clan with basic inner sections, and give the outlined leaders basic moderator powers in their clan's section

From there, it is up to the clan and its leader to help itself to what the forum offers:
  • A central place to talk
  • Easy way of arranging events - post in the general clans section and get people along!
  • Simple to contact other clans
  • list goes on..

Please read the rules/guidelines before post, and remember that using this place is a privilege, not a right.

Hope you guys are looking forward to this as much as we are.
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