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Forum Rules

Postby TheGrandmaster » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:54 pm

Take your time to read all of the rules, as you may find them fired at you by the staff if you break them.

General principle:
  • "Be excellent to one another, don't be annoying"

-- 1: Being an account holder --
  1. By registering an account you give permission to the staff to edit/delete post content or present/store it in any form.
  2. You agree to abide by the forums rules, whether stated here, inferred or unstated.
  3. Usernames abide by the same rules that govern post content outlined in section 2b. The staff have the right to enforce a name change or remove your account based on this.
  4. Avatars, signatures and information visible on profiles, while following the rules in section 2b, must also not contain distractive elements. The staff have the ability and right to remove/disable features and accounts as they see fit.
  5. You will not create multiple accounts.
  6. You will not impersonate in any form.

-- 2: Obligations --
  1. You agree to follow the general rules as well as any rules set as stickies in categories.
  2. You agree to not post anything disrespectful, racist, abusive/threatening, rude, false/inaccurate, pornographic, illegal or invasive of a person's privacy.
  3. You will not post information regarding the circumventing of laws or in any form link to or distribute illegal/copyrighted/pirated material.
  4. You will not post about or link to game modifications that were not intended by the developers e.g. aimbots, ESP, damage/health alterations. We may also remove things considered highly unsporting such as laser sights.
  5. You will not "copy" another individual's work without express permission and credits to the original author(s).
  6. You will not attempt to access restricted areas or otherwise create/use any hacks, bugs, injections or exploits.

-- 3: General --
  1. Enjoy using the forums! The community is great, have fun discussing things here :)
  2. If someone is breaking the rules, do not post about it. Instead, report the post using the post reporting tool (little [!] icon) or if the problem is greater (or separate) to a single post, PM a member of staff or query them in the IRC channel #aos.forums
  3. In the same way, if there is a post made by an adbot/spambot, report it and move on. Do not post in response to it.
  4. Discussion is encouraged, don't be afraid to present ideas. Healthy and constructive debate is also encouraged, though do not take debate further than it needs to go - don't ever start to attack the individual rather than the idea or generally begin to break posting rules outlined in section 2b.
  5. Say something constructive/helpful or say nothing at all. One-word posts are not generally considered constructive.
  6. Respect new or inexperienced members of the forum - do not make blunt "use the search" replies instead of actually helping them get the information they need. Always remember - "We were all a Deuce once".
  7. Do not post more than once in a row. PHPBB has support for editing your posts, so use it!
  8. Selling/advertising of products is prohibited (with exception to advertising your server or another game if posted in the correct sections, or a product directly related to AoS such as Quibicle for instance).
  9. Bumping is the procedure of making a new post in a thread to draw attention to it. Do not bump a thread without a good reason such as new/improved content or ideas. Refrain from 'ressurecting' old topics by bumping them.
  10. Post in the respective categories. If you are completely unsure about where to post it, it's best to put it in 'The Lounge' and leave a note for staff to move it to where they deem it fits.
  11. Do not make off-topic posts, content should be appropriate to the topic of discussion.
  12. Keep PM content where it belongs - in your own inbox. Do not share content of private messages without permission from the sender unless you wish to query a staff member based off of its content. Remember there's a report function for PM's like there is for ordinary post reporting.
  13. Use, but do not abuse, the report feature! It's handy to the staff and makes their lives easier when people are mutually keeping each other to the rules in order to sustain the community atmosphere.
  14. We have a minimum post length, currently set at 10 characters. Don't fill the required characters with off-topic nonsense/spam, instead, make a full sentence.
  15. Do not post in ALL CAPS. It is counted as annoying.

-- 4: Authority --
  1. As staff, we work voluntarily to keep the forums clean and in good order, so do not be disrespectful towards us.
  2. We will hand out warnings and bans of varying lengths to users who break the rules. As a general guideline, a couple of warnings result in a 24-48 hour ban, 3 or 4 warnings may result in a ban in the order of weeks, 5 or more may vary from 2 weeks up to several months/permanent depending on the infringements, the frequency and the discretion of the staff.
  3. We expect users to read the warnings we issue - repeat breakers of rules after being warned will be treated more severely. This includes the re-instating of removed content.
  4. If you are undecided about the appropriateness of a post, PM a member of staff (on the forums or in IRC) with the thread/post you are replying to and your intended message.
  5. The use of the forums is a privilige and not a right. The staff withold the right to remove any user or content they see fit, however we will endeavour to provide ample warning/reasoning in the majority of cases.
  6. If you wish to discuss aspects of the rules or suggest improvements, post it in the 'Rules' section only and wait for a response.

If you decide to not abide by these rules (or future amendments to them), do not create an account or post here.
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